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Supporting the Trans Community on World Mental Health Day 2023

It's World Mental Health Day today, a day to talk about mental health and show everyone that mental health matters. The theme of this year's World Mental Health Day is "Mental Health is a Universal Human Right", and this is something that really speaks to us as a queer-led project.

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We think it is important to acknowledge that things are especially challenging for the trans community at the moment, whose human rights are being challenged by the UK Prime Minister and Health Secretary. No matter what your gender, this is obviously having a massive impact on our community's mental health — both in terms of having to live with with this hateful rhetoric and battling feelings of "not doing enough" to support trans rights.

If you're unable to attend protests, rallies, or engage in "traditional" forms of activism, we urge you not to beat yourselves up about it. It is a difficult time, activism looks different for everybody, and having discussions and raising awareness is an excellent start. Equally, engaging with trans-owned or trans-led projects and businesses is a great way to show your support.

With the colossal impact that the UK's anti-trans culture has on trans people's mental health, we need the support of our allies more than ever at this crucial junction. However, it is also just as important allies to take the time to care for their mental health too. Members of marginalised communities are undoubtedly hit the hardest when they are attacked, but our allies also feel pain through their compassion.

There are plenty of different ways to prioritise your mental health, from mindfulness and self-compassion all the way to reaching out when you're feeling low. As always, we want to make a point of saying that we are here to talk to when you need us. Whether you attend one of our in-person pop-up events, join us for an online session, or just feel like sending us an email or DM on Instagram.

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