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Join Us for a Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Workshop on the 16th of October at Headingley HEART

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We're delighted to announce that we're going to be running a Mindfulness & Self-Compassion workshop in collaboration with Queer Yoga North on Monday the 16th of October from 6.00pm to 7.30pm at Headingley HEART! Join us for an evening of learning, conversation, mindfulness exercises, and relaxation. Tickets cost just £5 and there are only a few places left, so hurry and book your tickets here!

About the Workshop

We’re often told that mindfulness is the key to positive mental health, but mindfulness isn’t always easy to define. In this workshop, we’re going to be looking at mindfulness through the lens of self-compassion, defining this practise, and exploring methods for finding the time, energy, and motivation to incorporate it into our daily lives.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for connection and reflection, as well as breathing and meditation exercises led by Jess from Queer Yoga North. While we're working in collaboration with Queer Yoga North, this is not a yoga workshop. Instead, it is a chance to relax, learn something new, and explore how you can incorporate mindfulness and self-compassion into your daily life.

The workshop will be delivered by Bridie Daniels from 15-Minute Friendships (who is also a Mind Fitness certificated mental-health first aider) and Jess from Queer Yoga North.


This is a low-no movement workshop. Chairs will be available, but there will also be space to sit on the floor. Feel free to bring yoga mats, blankets, cushions, or anything else that will make you comfortable. Please view the venue’s accessibility information here.


We're running the workshop voluntarily and all of the money made from ticket sales goes directly towards securing the space. Tickets are on special offer for just £5 in celebration of World Mental Health Day today!

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