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"What is 15-Minute Friendships?"

According to a study conducted by, 21% of LGBTQ+ people experience loneliness "very often" or "every day".


15-Minute Friendships is a social project designed to combat loneliness within the queer community through pop-up events in and around Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Each free-to-attend pop-up event is hosted by me, Bridie (30 years old, they/them), and is designed to be an informal one-on-one chat between myself and an individual. Come along and talk about anything you'd like, whether you've got a story to tell, want to practise your conversational skills, or simply have some time to kill. It only takes 15 minutes and there is no pressure to stay for the entire duration if you don't want to.

"What happens in a 15-Minute Friendships session?"

At the start of your 15-minute session, the host usually will ask you your name and pronouns and explain the "Tap-Out Policy", which gives you the right to end the session at any time with no questions asked. They may also ask you a few low-pressure questions about how you'd like the session to go. If you'd prefer to lead the conversation, that's awesome. If you'd prefer the host to lead, that's cool too. There's no pressure to chat at all if you'd rather sit quietly and draw/craft or do some other activity with a little bit of company.

The host will let you know when your session is coming to an end and gently wrap things up. You're also welcome to leave early if you want to for whatever reason. 15-Minute Friendships is a free pop-up event, but you are encouraged to support the hosting venue by purchasing a drink/snack if you are able to.

"Why are you doing this?"

Oftentimes, LGBTQ+ social events take place in busy bars or clubs, which can be isolating for those who do not drink or individuals with sensory needs that make these environments more challenging. 

Many of the apps designed to facilitate friendship between LGBTQ+ individuals are also dating apps, and the potential for overlap combined with the pressure to respond to messages in a timely manner can make individuals uncomfortable.

15-Minute Friendships is a short, low-commitment, one-to-one session, designed to minimise discomfort and reduce some of the social anxiety that is often associated with larger or group events. We can't promise all our spaces will be alcohol free, but we try to host our pop-ups in low-alcohol spaces whenever possible.

About the host

Hi, my name is Bridie (pronounced Bride-ee). I am 30 years old, pansexual, and agender (they/them). I work in digital marketing within the games industry. I like to draw, bake, craft, and play video games. I have a cat named Giles and he and I are both Taureans, if astrology is something that interests you.

15-Minute Friendships is a project I have been thinking about for a few years now after having experienced periods of social anxiety, loneliness, and isolation throughout my life. I'm now very fortunate to have a wide circle of friends and be part of a wonderful community, but I know first-hand how challenging it can be to make friends as an adult.

I wanted to make 15-Minute Friendships as approachable as possible to those with anxiety, sensory needs, or disabilities that make social interactions more challenging. With that in mind, I try to practise active listening and make the sessions as relaxed and informal as possible so that there is never any pressure to keep the conversation going or stay for the duration.


I offer a non-judgemental, open environment to suit different conversational needs. If you want to talk at me for a solid 15-minutes, go for it! If you'd rather me ask you some fun questions to get the ball rolling, that works too. If you'd like to sit quietly and draw, craft, or drink coffee, I'm totally game. The session is about you and whatever makes you the most comfortable.

It me.

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