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Some Changes to 15-Minute Friendships!

Big news, friends! As 15-Minute Friendships approaches the start of its second year, we've taken some time to review the format of the project. You might have even noticed us go a little quiet on Instagram while we've been ironing out the details.

We were, initially, hosting one regular pop-up at Left Bank plus an additional pop-up at interchanging venues each month. After a lot of careful consideration, we've come to the conclusion that sourcing and organising an ever-rotating roster of host venues is not a sustainable model for the project. This brings us to our new format where we will be hosting a pop-up event at two fixed venues each month going forward.

Our New Setup!

From the 1st of June, 2024, you will find 15-Minute Friendships at Left Bank, Leeds on the last Wednesday of every month (7pm-9pm) and Over the Rainbow Café, York on the first Saturday of every month (11.30am-2.30pm). We are very grateful to our host venues for providing us with regular spots so that we can continue on our mission to combat loneliness in the LGBTQIA+ community! Find out more about our venues, including links and addresses on the Our Events page.

Making the Project More Sustainable

The decision to stop moving 15-Minute Friendships from venue to venue was largely made with a view towards long-term sustainability. Travel costs and uncertainty, organisational work, and needing to promote each pop-up differently were proving a challenge.

Since 15-Minute Friendships is a voluntary project hosted by an individual, it is our hope that the changes to the format will enable us to offer the best possible version of the project. We love what we do and would like to continue offering conversations, a listening ear, and support into the future.

Supporting the Project

At the recommendation of our friends, partner venues, and other wonderful members of the community, we have launched a Ko-fi page where individuals can make donations to support the project.

Up until now, all costs associated with 15-Minute Friendships have come from the host's pocket. This includes things like travel costs, web-hosting fees, materials, and pay-it-forward donations of food and beverages for our lower-no income attendees.

15-Minute Friendships can and will continue to run regardless of donations made, but we welcome donations from anybody who would like to help cover costs associated with running the project. All donations will be used to give back to the community in some form or another. You can find out more about supporting the project here.

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