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Leeds Parents! Have You Heard about Silverwood Adventures?

Did you know that one third of UK parents often experience loneliness? Studies have even shown that around 30% of parents experience high and persistent levels of long-term loneliness over time. We all hear about the highs and lows of parenting, even if we don't have any children of our own, but what the child-free among us might not know is just how isolating parenthood can be.

Parenting can also be a way of connecting with our communities though, especially with initiatives like Silverwood Adventures working to bring together and support parents and children alike! A few weeks ago, we got a message on Instagram from a wonderful lady who goes by the name of Granny Sarah inviting us pop down to one of her Silverwood Adventures sessions. After a little chat, our host Bridie popped along to one of the Saturday sessions to get a feel for Silverwood Adventures and meet some of the parents.

What is Silverwood Adventures?

Silverwood Adventures is a Family Forest Community for Cubs under 5 years old, based at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm in Leeds. Ran by Sarah Ackroyd ("Granny Sarah") who is a Level 3 Forest School Practitioner, Silverwood Adventures provides a safe and private woodland area for families to relax and spend some time together.

Sessions are designed to support both adult and child mental wellbeing. All areas are designed for child-led free play and, when you're not running around, you can relax by the fire, enjoy a warm drink, and snack on a marshmallow-biscuit-sandwich.

Silverwood Adventures costs just £6 per little one per session, but it is free of charge for babies under 6 months. Granny Sarah especially welcomes babies and their grownups to come along for a free cuppa and a chat, which is downright marvellous if you're a new parent looking to make some friends and join a community.

If you'd like to pop along to a Silverwood Adventures session, you can book in with Sarah by emailing her at or sending her a DM on Instagram at @silverwoodadventures.

Accessibility: The lower part of the forest is wheel chair accessible, and Sarah is available to support anybody with additional needs in any way she can.

Our Experience at Silverwood Adventures!

We mentioned that our host, Bridie, popped down for a visit during a Saturday morning session, and they had a wonderful time. Coming from a large family with many nieces and nephews, Bridie had some awareness of what parenthood was like thanks to anecdotes from their sisters even though they themselves are child-free, but hearing from the parents at Silverwood Adventures was a unique insight into the way parenthood impacts every aspect of a person's life.

"It was so incredible to meet a whole group of people in such a different stage of life to me and for them to be so forthcoming in sharing their experiences. I can see exactly how Silverwood Adventures supports parents' mental health by providing them with that sense of community and somewhere to go where their children can just exist in nature. Who doesn't love swapping stories around a campfire to the sounds of free-range children playing in the forest? 10/10 for wholesomeness!"

We'll Be Aiming to Stop By on the Second Saturday of the Month!

Granny Sarah was kind enough to invite us to attend future Silverwood Adventures sessions so that we can get to know the parents and have a chat! We're going to aim to pop down for a Saturday session once a month (most likely the second Saturday of the month), and we hope to see you there for a cuppa, some marshmallows, and to talk about anything you'd like.

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