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There's Lots Going on at Left Bank Leeds!

We just held our second-ever 15-Minute Friendships pop-up at Left Bank in Leeds, and it was amazing. From an extremely kind, welcoming, and professional staff to a whole host of activities going on throughout, there are so many great things to say about this space.

First of all, we want to say a big thank you to everybody who attended the pop-up last night! We met so many different people with so many different stories to tell, and it was so wonderful to get to know you all. We also had some great feedback from some of the lovely folk who attended, which really means the world to us as we continue to refine the project.

Next up, we wanted to highlight some of the awesome upcoming activities at Left Bank in August. We're going to try to keep this to free or low-cost activities here, as opposed to workshops and classes, but you can view the full roster of upcoming events at Left Bank here.

10am-12pm. The OWLS (Older, Wiser, Local Seniors) is an organisation working to reduce loneliness and social isolation for seniors living in Burley, Hyde Park, Little Woodhouse, Headingley, and Kirkstall. They help people to stay healthy and independent and enjoy life to the fullest.

The OWLS group is hosing a weekly over 60's art class at Left Bank Leeds. Each week you will be exploring a different technique, such as watercolour, printmaking, clay modelling or textiles. Whether you have no experience or tons, our workshop leaders are artists and will help you learn something new or build on the skills you have.

6pm-10pm. This is YOUR place to do your thing! Every Wednesday we handover our space to you... meet your friends, hang out, play games, make stuff, chill, debate, battle - whatever you want to do - this is your place to do it!

We provide the space, the bar, the caravans (yep for small groups, podcast recordings, alone time!) the board games (but bring your own if you like!) table tennis, art supplies!

10am-3pm. We are excited to announce our second instalment of las year's sold-out event, Fifty Fifty. Here's another exclusive chance for your child to be involved in and learn from some of the community's greats. These artists are all experienced with years in the game and are highly knowledgeable, respected in the community and masters in their craft.

Your child(ren) will discover the joys of organic art forms that can be so vital in maintaining a good mental health in an ever-growing digital dependant world

7pm-9pm. Edek’s Doodle Chat is a group for men to get creative. A safe space to talk and listen. An opportunity to be social and prioritise well-being. A place to connect and build community.

There will be some materials available for you to experiment with and if you have a creative activity you’re working on, bring it along. This could be anything from a colouring book to a painting you're working on, writing materials to collage stuff, or some air drying clay.

The aim of the sessions is to use art based activities to enable men to access the space and be part of a supportive group without pressure to speak. Engaging in creative activities together provides a shared experience, through which participants can connect and offer peer to peer support to each other.

10am -12pm. Join us for our weekly Toddler Takeover which pops up in the corner of our café, and give your little ones the freedom to crawl and toddle! With colourful soft play shapes, toys and books - we’re set up for BIG adventures and lots of fun. Kielly and little Eryn will be there as our awesome hosts so, you needn’t worry about coming by yourself - there’s always someone to chat with.

It’s the perfect place for you to meet up with your friends and their tiny people or, come along by yourself and make new friends - we’ve got great coffee, amazing cakes and our café is open as usual - oh, and high chairs and a baby change… basically, we’re here for you so there’s no need to rush off.

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