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15-Minute Friendships is on the Queer Love Stories Podcast!

Hi everybody, we're so very excited to announce that we were invited to chat about 15-Minute Friendships on the Queer Love Stories podcast, which launched on the 21st of September 2023. Listen to our episode on Spotify here!

Hosted by Eden Heath and produced by Benji Antonio, the Queer Love Stories podcast works to highlight positive love stories from across the Leeds LGBTQIA+ community, showing it is possible to have successful, lasting, and deep connections. Queer Love Stories focuses on all types of love including romantic, familial, friendship, community, and self-love!

We chatted to Eden about the inspiration behind 15-Minute Friendships, the project's development, and our hopes for the future. If you couldn't already tell, we're advocates for safe, accessible, and low/no alcohol spaces and events for our community, and this is something we discuss a little on the podcast. You'll also hear a little about our host, Bridie, their story, and about how their gender and sexuality has had a profound impact on the relationships they've formed throughout their life.

We had an amazing time and are incredibly grateful to have been invited along. Make sure to check out the other episodes for a very uplifting experience! Queer Love Stories also has its very own Instagram page, so follow for more.

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