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Workshops & Quiet Zones

Interested in having a 15-Minute Friendships hosted workshop or
quiet zone at your next event?

15-Minute Friendships is always eager to collaborate with other events and organisations, and we know a thing or two about what makes a good quiet zone!

The Benefits of Quiet Zones

Lots of events could benefit from quiet or chill-out zones to support attendees with different needs. Many individuals have sensory issues or disabilities that leave them unable to attend events. Having someone on hand to host a designated quiet zone where people can sit down, take a break, or escape intense noise/lighting can make your events much more accessible. Equally, they are just a great space for anybody who might be feeling a bit tired or overwhelmed.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Workshops

Our host, Bridie, is a certificated mental-health first aider who has experience facilitating workshops around mindfulness and mental wellbeing. We recently ran Mindfulness & Self-Compassion workshop at a Queer Yoga North event in Leeds, and we are pleased to offer this workshop up *free of charge to other groups or organisations that feel as though they could benefit from it. Find out more about this workshop here. Equally, we're also happy to discuss a tailored workshop for your activity or event.

If you're interested in hosting a quiet zone or workshop at your next event, email Bridie at!

*We do our best to facilitate quiet zones or workshops for free, though we may occasionally need to open up discussions around travel/transport expenses for the host.

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