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Supporting 15-Minute Friendships

15-Minute Friendships is a voluntary social project that is currently managed by a single individual. Find out how to support the project below!

Host a 15-Minute Friendships pop-up at your venue!

One of the best ways you can support 15-Minute Friendships is by enabling us to host more pop-up events around Leeds and West Yorkshire. 15-Minute Friendships events are designed to be free-to-attend, and the entire project is ran voluntarily.


If you manage a venue that is safe, inclusive, and accessible, and would like to offer a small space (in the form of a table) for a 15-Minute Friendships event, email Bridie at!

"Can I volunteer with 15-Minute Friendships?"

At the moment, 15-Minute Friendships is still a small and developing project, so there isn't much call for volunteers (though enthusiasm for this is really appreciated!). The project was launched in summer 2023, and we're still in the process of reaching out to venues and setting up events. There may be scope to volunteer with or join the host at future 15-Minute Friendships events depending on the success of the project and the demand for sessions, but this is something that we will have to review in future.

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